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NEW VIDEO: President Biden Keeps Delivering on His Promise to Lower Insulin Costs As Eli Lilly Expands the Inflation Reduction Act’s Cap to Everyone

By March 3, 2023No Comments

Watch the Full Video Here.

This week, Eli Lilly announced that the company would limit the cost of insulin to $35 per month, following pressure from the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress. At the State of the Union address, President Biden called on drug companies to finish the job of the Inflation Reduction Act and bring down insulin prices for patients. Lowering insulin costs will give millions of families more breathing room — especially rural Americans and people of color who are more likely to suffer from diabetes and struggle to afford their health care costs. 

News coverage makes clear that Eli Lilly’s insulin cap will help millions of patients afford this lifesaving medication and that it is the direct result of President Biden and Congressional Democrats passing the insulin cap for seniors last year. Republicans, on the other hand, fought hard to prevent the insulin cap from taking effect and continue to advocate for repealing it altogether. 


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