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NEW RADIO AD: AZ Health Care Advocate Will Humble Urges Senator Sinema to Let Medicare Negotiate Drug Prices

By September 30, 2021No Comments

The Arizona Public Health Association’s Will Humble Says Arizonans Are Being “Ripped Off” and Urges Senator Sinema to Support Medicare Negotiation

Listen to the Radio Ad Here

Washington, DC — Protect Our Care announced a new radio ad today calling for Senator Sinema to meet the demands of her constituents and support giving Medicare the power to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices. The ad features Will Humble, the Executive Director for the Arizona Public Health Association, who explains that Arizonans pay three times more for drugs than people in other countries while Big Pharma continues to rake in record profits and hike prices on Americans. Humble makes clear that giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices is the solution to the broken drug pricing system. Democrats’ proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices is supported by 90% of all Americans and remains central to President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

The ad comes as Congress is closing in on a budget agreement that will transform the lives of American families nationwide. President Biden and Democrats are leading the charge to include Medicare negotiation and other key health care priorities in the Build Back Better package, but the fight is not over: Big Pharma is fighting back with lobbying and scare tactics to protect its profits and lie to the American people. The ad makes clear that Senator Sinema must support the health care provisions of the Build Back Better Act, including giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices for all Americans.  The ad will run in Phoenix for the next week.

“Arizonians from all walks of life are fed up with skyrocketing drug prices, and they are calling on Senator Sinema to do the right thing by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “Will Humble knows the drug pricing system is broken and Arizonans are getting ripped off. Congress is closer than ever to reining in Big Pharma’s greed, but with Republicans already bought and paid for, every Democrat needs to get on board and pass the Build Back Better legislation now.” 

Script for Will Humble Ad (60s):

I’m going to come right out and say it – the American people are getting ripped off. 

Hello. My name is Will Humble. I’m the Executive Director of the Arizona Public Health Association. 

Decades ago, Congress passed a law that prohibits Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices from the drug companies.  They prohibit it. 

They gave a sweet deal to the drug companies to dictate the prices to us – to have the power of a monopoly.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. And we finally have a solution.

We’re close to passing a plan that will give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices.

To get it done, we need Senator Sinema to stand up for seniors, stand up for working people and stand up for patients. 

We’ve been getting ripped off. Now there is a market based solution – letting Medicare negotiate.

Call Senator Sinema at (602) 598-7327. Tell her we need her support.