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MEMO: #1 Item in Build Back Better is Prescription Drug Prices

By September 30, 2021No Comments

TO: Interested Parties
FR: Protect Our Care
DT: September 30, 2021
RE: #1 Item in Build Back Better is Prescription Drug Prices

Congress continues to debate whether to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices or keep the monopoly in place where drug companies dictate the prices for patients. 

While Congress debates and Big Pharma tries to threaten political retribution, the American people have already spoken.

According to polls conducted by four of the top pollsters in the Democratic Party, the #1 element of President Biden’s Build Back Better budget is giving Medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug prices.

See for yourself.

1. NEW. ALG Polling’s John Anzalone recently conducted a survey across 48 battleground congressional districts for Build Back Together.  From the memo:

“Allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices was the most popular of the 16 components of the Build Back Better plan tested. Over two-thirds of battleground district voters (71%) say this component makes them more likely to support the reconciliation plan. It is especially popular with seniors, but also the most popular component among both Independents and those voters who are persuadable on the reconciliation plan.”

2. Geoff Garin of Hart Research recently completed a national survey for Protect Our Care which found Medicare negotiating lower prices for prescription drugs was the most important element in driving support for the Build Back Better package (65%). From the report:

3. Global Strategy Group and GBAO recently completed a regular survey for Navigator Research that found Medicare negotiating to bring down the cost of prescription drugs was the most popular element with 86% support. From their report