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NEW REPORT: Drug Companies on the Wrong Side of the Drug Pricing Issue Launch Campaign of Big Lies and Fake Front Groups

By August 31, 2021No Comments

Washington, DC — As Democrats in Congress work to respond to their constituents and pass reforms that lower the price of prescription drugs for patients, Big Pharma has begun to deploy it’s vast warchest – and a series of well-funded front groups – to mislead, distort and outright threaten patients in their effort to hold on to their staggering prices and profits.

For 20 years, drug companies have benefited from a law that bans Medicare from negotiating lower prices for patients. As a result, Americans now pay three times more for the same drugs as people do in other countries. Democrats in Congress want to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices for all Americans, including people on Medicare and people with private insurance. The Congressional Budget Office found that these reforms could save patients as much as 55 percent on the price of their prescription drugs.

So, like clockwork, Big Pharma has started launching misleading ad campaigns. Almost all of them are channeled through groups with patient-friendly names that have one thing in common: drug industry money or connections.

This new report details how the many major ad campaigns currently running against prescription drug price reform are actually backed by pharmaceutical industry funds. The ads are paid for by the same people who profit by keeping the prices artificially high and protecting their monopoly while millions of American families cannot afford life saving medicines.

“From this report, everyone can find out the truth about who’s behind these ad campaigns –  and it’s the same drug companies that want to keep prices high and profits skyrocketing,” said Leslie Dach, Chair of Protect Our Care. “Members of Congress can either vote with these drug companies or vote for reforms that lower the price of drugs for patients. Lives are on the line.”

Read the full report here: REVEALED: 8 PHARMA FUNDED AD CAMPAIGNS