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NEW REPORT: Let’s Expand On That: Medicaid Expansion Has Made America Healthier But GOP Sabotage Threatens Those Gains

By June 11, 2019No Comments

New Report From Protect Our Care Highlights Overwhelming Benefits of Medicaid Expansion and the Consequences of GOP Sabotage to the Program

View the report HERE

Washington, DC – Protect Our Care is releasing a new report today detailing the benefits of Medicaid expansion in communities across America. From improving maternal health, reducing racial disparities in coverage, expanding access to treatment for opioid use disorder, and improving disease-specific diagnosis and treatment, Medicaid expansion has improved and expanded coverage for millions of Americans. The report also makes abundantly clear that the gains made under expanded Medicaid would be erased by the Republican sabotage agenda. Through the courts, Congress and legislatures across the country the Trump administration and its Republican allies will stop at nothing to undermine and sabotage American’s health care and gut Medicaid at every turn. Protect Our Care executive director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement about the report:

“It’s undeniable that Medicaid expansion has enabled more Americans to receive coverage and improved access to vital health care services in communities across the country. Republicans who continue to wage a war against Medicaid do so at their own political peril, and as the program continues to improve the lives of millions, the GOP’s relentless sabotage efforts place even more Americans at risk of losing coverage – putting their health and even their lives at risk.”

Key passage from the report: As study after study has shown, expanding Medicaid means better health care for millions of people. It is one of the most successful components of an increasingly popular Affordable Care Act. Yet, Republicans continue their unwavering zeal to rip these benefits away. We have a choice: we can continue to find ways to expand and improve coverage and lower costs, or we can continue the Republican war on health care that threatens these benefits. For better health care, the choice is clear.

View the full report: Let’s Expand On That: Medicaid Expansion Has Made America Healthier But GOP Sabotage Threatens Those Gains