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Senator Bob Casey, Andy Slavitt, Protect Our Care Highlight New Report on Medicaid Impact on Press Call

By June 11, 2019No Comments

Speakers on Today’s Call Discussed New Report From Protect Our Care on the Vital Importance of Expanding Medicaid and stopping President Trump’s Sabotage of the Program

Listen to the full call here

Washington, DC –  U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Aging and the Subcommittee on Children and Families of the Senate HELP Committee, along with former CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt, Protect Our Care and Pennsylvania health care advocates held a press call today to discuss the importance of Medicaid and a new report from Protect Our Care on the overwhelming benefits of Medicaid expansion. The report, “Let’s Expand On That: Medicaid Expansion Has Made America Healthier But GOP Sabotage Threatens Those Gains,” released today by Protect Our Care, makes clear the critical importance of expanding Medicaid and the consequences that the Trump administration’s war on Medicaid will have for millions of people.

“This administration’s health care agenda is a slap in the face to Pennsylvania families and threatens gains we’ve made through Medicaid expansion,” said Senator Casey. “This report makes clear what this administration is doing to undermine Medicaid expansion and how the program is succeeding in spite of that. We fought them before, and we will continue to fight them to protect the Medicaid program and the millions of people whose health care depends on it, including those in rural communities in Pennsylvania and across America.”

“It’s a fact that Medicaid has helped millions of Americans, and the Trump Administration’s sabotage of the program puts every single one of them at risk,” said former CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt. “In states that chose to expand Medicaid, residents have improved access to cancer treatment, maternal care, have lower mortality rates, and overall better care than those without Medicaid expansion. This should not be a partisan issue and it’s time for Republicans to stop playing political games with people’s lives and stop attacking this life-saving program.”

“Republicans’ relentless attacks on Medicaid have – and will continue to have – real consequences for millions of Americans who rely on the program,” said Protect Our Care executive director Brad Woodhouse. “Even after their repeal and sabotage agenda fueled a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans continue to do all they can to undermine Americans’ access to Medicaid, and our entire health care system.”  

“My 10-year-old daughter Chessie was diagnosed with a developmental language disorder and autism at 3-years-old. She needs Medicaid. Without it, Chessie would fall through the cracks in society,” said Casey Dye from Monroeville PA. “ We’re afraid if they get rid of Medicaid expansion. It scares me to death. We are very thankful that PA recognizes that she has a disability. And they recognize that if they give her the resources now when she’s young, she would be a productive member of society later and help her community.”

“Despite millions of lives being on the line, including my own, the Trump administration continues to wreak havoc on Medicaid,” said Adrianne Gunter from Philadelphia, PA. “When I came down with multiple sclerosis, I couldn’t afford insurance and couldn’t gain employment due to my illness. But under Medicaid expansion, I was able to receive coverage and begin the treatments that have pushed some of my MS symptoms into remission, and allowed me to make plans for my future again.”

Listen to the full call here