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On the 1st Day of Repeal, The GOP Took From Me…

By December 11, 2023No Comments

On the 1st day of repeal, the GOP took from me: the care I need to stay healthy.

For years, Republicans have been fighting tooth and nail to dismantle vital health care programs that the American people rely on. They want to go backwards by repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), slashing Medicare and Medicaid, raising drug prices for seniors, and ripping away all of the new benefits under the Inflation Reduction Act.

If the MAGA Republicans get their way, people won’t be able to afford to see a doctor when they need it or to get medicine when they get sick. They’re siding with the drug and insurance companies at the expense of working people, families, and seniors. 

At a time when people are struggling to pay the bills, the GOP is aiming to take away health care from working people, raise costs for families, and put health care at risk for everyone. 

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