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POC Launches New Digital Ads With Health Care Workers On Trump’s Failure to Protect America and Listen to Medical Experts as Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens

By July 16, 2020No Comments

Ads Launched Today Are Part of Protect Our Care’s Previously Announced $2 Million Digital and TV Ad Campaign On Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response 

Washington, DC — Protect Our Care is launching two new digital ads today as part of our $2 million ad campaign criticizing the Trump administration’s failed coronavirus response that put millions of Americans at grave risk. 

  • Doubling Down,” features Tarik Khan, a RN and family nurse practitioner from Pennsylvania, talking about how President Trump’s coronavirus response has been a failure from the start, and even as the crisis worsens, Trump “keeps doubling down on his mistakes and ignoring the facts.”
  • Outstrip,” features Dr. Rob Davidson, an emergency room physician from Michigan discussing how Trump’s refusal to listen to medical experts and failed response to the pandemic has resulted in spikes in cases and hospitalizations, and how these spikes threaten to “outstrip” hospitals of their PPE and resources to combat the virus. 

Watch: Doubling Down

Watch: Outstrip

The ads will run in Pennsylvania and Michigan on digital platforms and connected devices. 

These ads are the next round in a series of TV and digital ads first launched by Protect Our Care last week. As cases of coronavirus continue to spike around the country and the death toll nears 140,000, the ads urge the Trump administration to listen to medical experts and do more to protect Americans during the pandemic. All ads released as part of this campaign make clear that the coronavirus pandemic “didn’t have to be this bad.” 

It is Protect Our Care’s hope that through these ads, the administration will heed the warnings of medical professionals on the front lines and take more serious and effective action to fight the pandemic.

“President Trump’s botched coronavirus response has been catastrophic for America, and his failure to listen to the advice of medical experts or professionals on the frontlines of this crisis has only made it worse,” said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “Health care workers know that President Trump’s refusal to take this crisis seriously has only led to spikes in cases, hospitalizations, PPE shortages and more unnecessary deaths. Americans are increasingly worried about their safety, but instead of taking action or heeding the dire warnings from medical professionals, President Trump continues to downplay the threat to the citizens he swore to protect.” 

Script for Doubling Down (:30)

Tarik Khan: During the coronavirus, I’ve tested hundreds of patients and I’ve diagnosed hundreds of them with COVID-19.

And I could tell that they were scared. 

They know someone personally who’s died from it. 

Already over 100,000 Americans have died.

From the start, we’ve been behind the eight ball because the president was not prepared.

The president keeps doubling down on his mistakes and ignoring the facts.

This crisis did not have to be as bad as it was.  

Script for Outstrip (:30)

Dr. Rob Davidson: I work in a rural, small town emergency department.

We’ve been seeing more patients sick enough to be admitted where the coronavirus is the primary reason that they’re there.

It would not take very long for us to outstrip our resources.

Watching the president, it’s frustrating to me that had we had an administration and specifically a president that took this seriously earlier, we would have been able to reign this in and contain this much earlier.

And fewer people would have died.