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Protect Our Care Expands Seven-Figure Ad Campaign, Adding Two Districts to Total Eleven, Highlighting the Inflation Reduction Act

By June 7, 2024No Comments

Ads Highlight the Inflation Reduction Act’s Drug Pricing Provisions, Recognize Health Care Champions in Congress, and Urge Them to Continue to Fight for Lower Drug Costs

Advertising Campaign Has Grown From an Initial $5 Million to Nearly $7 Million Today

Watch the New Ads Here. 

Washington, D.C. — Protect Our Care is expanding its $5 million dollar advertising program to promote the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act’s provisions to lower drug costs, recognize health care champions, and urge them to continue the fight to lower health care costs. This expansion adds two new districts to the existing nine: Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) and Emilia Sykes (OH-13). The initial $5 million campaign has grown to nearly $7 million. Another round of ads were previously announced in April. 

Each of these members have championed the Inflation Reduction Act’s measures to cap the price of insulin at $35/month and give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices. Congress is now considering a plan to lower costs even more by expanding those reforms to the broader health insurance market, not just seniors. The ads urge the members to continue to lead the fight for lower drug costs by passing H.R. 4895, the Lowering Drug Costs for American Families Act.

“It is crucial that Ohioans and all Americans know how their members of Congress have delivered lower health care and prescription drug costs,” said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “We are dedicated to educating people across the nation so they can take advantage of these savings. The Inflation Reduction Act is bringing real economic relief to millions of families, saving them money so they can afford the drugs they need to stay alive.”

Links to each of the new ads can be found below:

Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
Emilia Sykes (OH-13)

The seven-figure ad campaign began on Monday, March 11. The digital campaign will reach people through OTT/streaming, YouTube, Hulu, Meta, and more. The program also includes on-the-ground events and organizing to make sure people in these communities know about these reforms. The new ads build on the previous campaign that focused on the following districts: Yadira Caraveo (CO-08), Hillary Scholten (MI-03), Susan Wild (PA-07), Matt Cartwright (PA-08), Susie Lee (NV-03), Steven Horsford (NV-04), Pat Ryan (NY-18), Frank Pallone (NJ-06), and Gabe Vasquez (NM-02).

In addition to the positive advertising promoting these achievements, Protect Our Care is also running a $1 million ad campaign in 5 districts to hold lawmakers accountable for opposing lower drug prices. Read more about this campaign here.

Links to each of the existing ads can be found below:

Yadira Caraveo (CO-08)
Hillary Scholten (MI-03) 1
Hillary Scholten (MI-03) 2
Susan Wild (PA-07)
Matt Cartwright (PA-08)
Susie Lee (NV-03)
Steven Horsford (NV-04)
Pat Ryan (NY-18)
Frank Pallone (NJ-06)
Gabe Vasquez (NM-02)

Sample Ad Script for OH-09:

Doreen: I’ve had so many patients over the years tell me that they can’t afford their drugs. They’re skipping days, cutting pills in half – it’s just not safe. Thankfully, Congress passed a plan to bring down drug prices. 

Narrator: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur voted to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices so seniors pay less.

Doreen: This will help so many of my patients afford the medicines they need.

Narrator: Tell Congresswoman Kaptur to keep fighting for lower health care costs.