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Senators Stabenow and Murphy, Protect Our Care Highlight New Battleground Poll On Health Care and Denounce Trump Texas Lawsuit on Press Call

By June 25, 2019No Comments

Senators, Protect Our Care Denounce Trump Texas Lawsuit, Discuss New Poll and Kick Off National Mobilization Efforts Ahead of Oral Arguments in the Case On July 9

Call audio available HERE

Washington, DC – Today, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Protect Our Care held a press call where they denounced President Trump’s disastrous Texas lawsuit to destroy America’s health care and kicked off mobilization efforts leading up to oral arguments in the case on July 9. Also on the call, Jim Williams with Public Policy Polling discussed a new poll from PPP in key battleground states that found Trump would lose in 2020 – even to the worst villains imaginable – if the presidential race was defined by Trump’s health care sabotage agenda. Key findings: 

  • 72% say they would not consider voting for a presidential candidate who supports plans that eliminate health care protections for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • 73% of voters say they would not consider voting for a candidate who proposes a budget that includes $845 billion in cuts to Medicare.
  • A majority (52%) of voters trust also trust Democrats more than President Trump on healthcare, with only 43% of voters trusting President Trump more. 
  • Among independents, 59% trust Democrats more, and only 36% of independents trust President Trump. 
  • Voters would prefer a zombie who supports health care over Trump who will repeal it by 4 points (46-42) and prefer Dracula who supports health care over Trump who will repeal it by 4 points (46-42). 

“Voters in Michigan made their voices heard last November and elected many new leaders who are committed to protecting our health care and lowering the cost of prescription drugs,” said Senator Stabenow. “Yet the Trump Administration is doing everything in its power to take away people’s health care, including supporting the ongoing lawsuit to overturn the health care law. It’s clear that President Trump and Republicans who back him don’t stand with Michigan families.”

“This administration has been engaged in a disinformation campaign against the ACA since day one, working to sabotage Americans’ access to health care, disrupt insurance markets, and sow as much confusion and pain as possible,” said Senator Murphy. “Since President Trump took office, over one million Americans have lost their insurance. But it doesn’t stop there. They failed to destroy the ACA through Congress so now they’re trying through the courts, and if the Republican lawsuit prevails, all of the protections for preexisting conditions that Americans depend on will disappear. This fight is far from over, and now is the time to sound the alarm.” 

“It speaks volumes about the state of the Republican party that the American people would prefer a blood-sucking vampire over Trump when it comes to protecting their health care, but that’s exactly what this new poll finds.” said Protect Our Care executive director Brad Woodhouse. “Voters are paying attention while Trump wages his war on America’s health care, and his Texas lawsuit is the clearest indication of his intention to strip coverage from millions of Americans and decimate protections for pre-existing conditions.” 

Call audio available HERE