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Trump Issuing Weak (Sad!) Executive Order to Distract Americans from His Lawsuit to Destroy Health Care

By June 24, 2019No Comments

Washington, DC — Today, the Trump administration announced a new executive order on health care, which, according to experts is nothing more than a vague and dubious attempt to distract from their ongoing sabotage of America’s health care. In response to this announcement, Protect Our Care chair Leslie Dach released the following statement:

“Americans are unlikely to see any benefit from President Trump’s executive order, and it’s nothing more than an attempt to distract from the excruciating damage his administration is inflicting on our health care system. Secretary Azar is pretending their announcement today is a game changer, but in reality the real game changer is that two weeks from now President Trump is going to court to rip health care from millions of people. What the president should be doing today is ending his lawsuit to destroy America’s health care.”