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Utah Republicans Defy the Will of Voters By Proposing to Ration Health Care for Utahns

Washington DC — Today, Utah Governor Gary Herbert introduced a proposal to drastically ration health care for Utahns enrolled in Medicaid. This follows Utah Republicans’ vote earlier this year to overturn a ballot measure voters approved in November to expand Medicaid. In response to Utah Republicans’ actions to further undermine Medicaid expansion, Protect Our Care chair Leslie Dach issued the following statement:

“By proposing to ration health care for large numbers of Utahns, Republicans are once again defying the will of voters who overwhelmingly approved Medicaid expansion in November. Unfortunately, the governor’s proposal to roll back the program is no surprise, and is just the latest part of the war on Medicaid led by President Trump, CMS Administrator Verma and their allies in Congress. It’s time for Republicans to stop undermining Medicaid and sabotaging our health care laws and start lowering costs and protecting the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.”