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December 2023

BREAKING: SCOTUS Takes Up Mifepristone Case That Threatens to Disrupt Entire Drug Approval Process

Washington, DC — Today, the Supreme Court of the United States announced it will hear Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration next term. Earlier this year, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk invalidated the FDA’s approval of mifepristone and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals severely restricted access to mifepristone, but the Supreme Court stayed this decision. The case threatens safe and legal abortion access and would create chaos in the FDA drug approval process by allowing any judge to overrule the evidence-based and scientific approval of medications. 

Watch Protect Our Care’s event with legal and public health experts discussing the dangers of this case here.

In response, Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach issued the following statement: 

“This case threatens the entire U.S. drug approval process and puts the health of Americans at risk. The stakes couldn’t be higher for millions of patients across the nation. If the lower courts’ decisions are allowed to stand, any judge could overturn the FDA’s world-class drug approval process, ripping away access to safe, effective, and lifesaving drugs. It would create chaos in our drug approval process.” 

On the 3rd Day of Repeal, The GOP Took From Me…

On the 3rd day of repeal, the GOP took from me: Medicaid expansion.

With Medicaid currently serving over 92 million Americans, the largest enrollment in history, this program has never been more important to the lives of everyday Americans. Research confirms that Medicaid expansion saves lives and drastically reduces racial health disparities as well as improves financial security for families and helps local economies thrive.  According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Medicaid expansion saved the lives of 19,200 older adults aged 55 to 64 between 2014 and 2017. Cancer deaths have dropped more in states that accepted Medicaid coverage under the ACA than in states that have held out, and expansion has also been tied to fewer heart-related deaths. 

Medicaid expansion has been a critical part of working towards the goal of every American having access to affordable and quality health insurance, but Republicans in 10 states have not yet implemented expansion of the program, blocking millions from coverage and access to essential health care. Often Republicans know that Medicaid Expansion would be the best program for their state, but continue to refuse to expand it or, in some states, will try to implement a milquetoast replacement program.

If Republicans get their way and repeal the Affordable Care Act, more than 22 million people across the nation will lose coverage. 

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The MAGA Republican War on American Health Care

As Savings Soar Ahead of First Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act, Republicans Threaten Repeal

Trump Vows to “Never Give Up” MAGA-Republican Efforts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act, Ripping Health Care Away From Millions

Republicans’ Threats to Medicaid Are A Clear and Present Danger

PRESS CALL: Reps. Judy Chu and Barbara Lee to Join Protect Our Care and APIAHF to Release Report on How the Inflation Reduction Act is Benefiting Asian Americans


Washington, DC — On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 4:15 PM ET, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Chair (CAPAC) Judy Chu (CA-28) and CAPAC Healthcare Task Force Co-Chair Barbara Lee (CA-12) will join Protect Our Care and the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum to discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act is benefiting Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islander (AA and NHPIs) communities across the nation. By lowering health care premiums and prescription drug prices, the Inflation Reduction Act is making care more affordable for AA and NHPIs, and addressing longstanding disparities in access to care and health outcomes. 

Efforts to make health care more affordable and accessible are particularly important for AA and NHPIs, who have historically faced greater barriers to achieving and maintaining optimal health. The 25.2 million Asian Americans and 1.5 million Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders living in the U.S. have long been more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions like kidney failure, heart disease, and hypertension, and Asian American seniors are more likely than their white counterparts to report difficulty affording prescription medications. During the call, speakers will discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act is working to benefit AA and NHPIs, and other actions President Biden is taking to ensure everyone has the health care they need to thrive. 


U.S. Representative Judy Chu (CA-28), Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Chair
U.S. Representative Barbara Lee (CA-12), Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Healthcare Task Force Co-Chair
Juliet K. Choi, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum
Leslie Dach, Chair of Protect Our Care

WHAT: Virtual Press Conference 

WHERE: Register for the Event Here

WHEN: Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 4:15 PM ET

On the 2nd Day of Repeal, The GOP Took From Me…

On the 2nd day of repeal, the GOP took from me: rural hospitals.

If the Affordable Care Act gets repealed, Medicaid expansion will be eliminated, threatening vital funding for rural hospitals nationwide. Medicaid expansion provides key support for rural hospitals and, in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid, rural hospitals are drowning under financial pressure. Low occupancy rates, high levels of uncompensated care, competition with other hospitals, and struggling local economies create a financial burden that rural hospitals face all over the country. 

Republicans continue to block Medicaid expansion in 10 states, keeping millions from accessing coverage and essential health care. Since 2005, more than 150 rural hospitals have closed, including 20 closures in 2020 alone. In 2023, over 600 rural hospitals are at risk of closing in the near future, and it is estimated that if those hospitals shut down, 99,000 health care jobs in rural communities will be lost. If the GOP gets their way, rural hospitals will be left without critical funding, turning a bad problem into a worse one. 

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The MAGA Republican War on American Health Care

As Savings Soar Ahead of First Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act, Republicans Threaten Repeal

Trump Vows to “Never Give Up” MAGA-Republican Efforts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act, Ripping Health Care Away From Millions

Medicaid Works For Rural Americans

House Republicans Push Needs of the American People Aside to Focus on Bogus Impeachment Agenda

Washington, D.C. — House Republicans have announced their intent to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Under the extreme leadership of Mike Johnson, House Republicans are pursuing impeachment instead of prioritizing kitchen table issues like efforts to lower health care costs. In this year alone, President Biden and Democrats in Congress have made incredible progress to lower costs and ensure millions more Americans have the health care they deserve. This includes key provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act taking effect that save seniors hundreds of dollars on their health care costs, making affordable coverage available for new moms and children, and fighting Republican efforts to slash Medicaid. Meanwhile, Republicans have vowed to repeal the ACA and overturn the Inflation Reduction Act. Read more about President Biden’s health care accomplishments here and the Republican war on health care here

In response, Protect Our Care Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach issued the following statement:

“House Republicans have the wrong priorities and are completely out of step with the American people. Instead of tackling the issues like access to affordable health care, House Republicans are focused on an evidence free impeachment. This isn’t about helping the American people – it’s about helping one person: Donald Trump.”

On the 1st Day of Repeal, The GOP Took From Me…

On the 1st day of repeal, the GOP took from me: the care I need to stay healthy.

For years, Republicans have been fighting tooth and nail to dismantle vital health care programs that the American people rely on. They want to go backwards by repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), slashing Medicare and Medicaid, raising drug prices for seniors, and ripping away all of the new benefits under the Inflation Reduction Act.

If the MAGA Republicans get their way, people won’t be able to afford to see a doctor when they need it or to get medicine when they get sick. They’re siding with the drug and insurance companies at the expense of working people, families, and seniors. 

At a time when people are struggling to pay the bills, the GOP is aiming to take away health care from working people, raise costs for families, and put health care at risk for everyone. 

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The MAGA Republican War on American Health Care

As Savings Soar Ahead of First Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act, Republicans Threaten Repeal

Trump Vows to “Never Give Up” MAGA-Republican Efforts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act, Ripping Health Care Away From Millions

NEW: State-By-State Fact Sheets Show How Republican Calls to Repeal the ACA Jeopardizes Health Care for Millions of People Across the Nation

Read the Fact Sheets Here. 

Washington, DC — Today, Protect Our Care is releasing 50 state-by-state fact sheets to underscore the threat of  Donald Trump’s promise to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the MAGA Republican war on health care. The consequences of repealing the ACA would touch nearly every household in the country. In addition to 20 million losing coverage, over 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions would lose critical protections, 49 million seniors would have to pay more for prescription drugs, insurance companies would not be required to cover preventative care, such as vaccinations, contraception, and cancer screenings, and could once again impose annual and lifetime limits on benefits and charge women more. Protect Our Care’s new fact sheets outline how repealing the ACA would have devastating ramifications across the nation. 

Protect Our Care Founder Leslie Dach issued the following statement: 

“After all the years, the Affordable Care Act is now woven into the fabric of the nation, and the data shows how the law lowers costs and improves care for Americans across the country. More people are relying on the ACA than ever before, and millions are finding health insurance for $10 or less a month thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress. However, Trump and MAGA Republicans will stop at nothing to repeal the ACA which would raise costs, rip away coverage, and eliminate critical protections including pre-existing conditions. Some things never change: Republicans are more concerned about siding with big drug and insurance companies than the health care and well-being of tens of millions of hardworking people across our country.”

The new reports come as new polling shows the favorability of the ACA is at an all-time high. Across the country, millions are ​​counting on it to protect their coverage and lower their costs. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress, 80% of people can now get coverage through the ACA for under $10. In the first week of the 2024 open enrollment period, a record 1.6 million people signed up for health care coverage on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace. The ACA is extremely popular and provides coverage to more than ever before.

New Navigator Poll Shows All-Time High Support for Affordable Care Act As Trump Reignites Repeal Threats

Navigator Research released new polling today showing that the Affordable Care Act’s favorability is at an all-time high of 61 percent (+37 points). The poll shows a 14-point increase in favorability since February 2020 as more Americans count on it to protect their coverage and lower their costs. 

This comes as Donald Trump and his GOP allies have renewed calls to “terminate” the health care law and destroy its protections for millions of Americans.

The poll also found that Democrats’ trust on health care remains strong, holding a 14-point advantage over Republicans. Democrats also win the ACA repeal argument by a large margin when the messaging emphasizes there is “too much of a risk” and that “Congress shouldn’t cut health care for 30 million Americans.” 

Read more here.

Biden Administration Announces Plans to Utilize March-In Rights to Lower Drug Prices for Patients

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Biden administration announced plans to lower prices for certain high-priced medicines that were developed with taxpayer dollars by creating a policy for using federal “march-in rights” to license other manufacturers sell those drugs for less. The plan includes a new framework for federal agencies to determine when it is appropriate to apply march-in rights authority to a specific high-cost drug that was developed using federal funding. The move is a powerful tool to stop price gouging and boost competition between drug manufacturers to lower prices for patients. 

This announcement follows a long line of actions the Biden-Harris administration has taken to reduce prescription drug and health care costs for the American people. The Inflation Reduction Act lowered drug prices for millions of seniors by capping insulin costs at $35 per month, limiting outrageous price hikes, and making essential vaccines free for people on Medicare. Soon, total out-of-pocket drug costs will be capped at $2,000 per year for seniors and lower drug prices from Medicare negotiation will take effect. Together, these measures could save seniors thousands of dollars on their health care. In response, Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach issued the following statement: 

“This move is an important step as President Biden continues building on his historic victories to lower prescription drug prices for patients. For too long, big drug companies have abused the patent system to block competition and keep prices high for patients, including for drugs developed with taxpayer money. As a result, too many families are kept up at night worrying about how they’ll manage to pay for lifesaving medications while keeping a roof over their heads or paying for groceries. Now, drug companies can no longer rely on tax dollars to do the research to develop a drug and knowing they’ll be able to charge unlimited amounts for that drug. Even as big drug companies throw all of their resources at lawsuits and lobbying to keep their profits high, President Biden has not wavered in his commitment to fight for working families and make prescription drugs more affordable.” 


President Biden’s Health Care Accomplishments Tracker 

PRESS CALL: Attorney General Rob Bonta to Join Protect Our Care California to Highlight Why Medicare is Better Than Ever and Expanded Savings for Seniors


Open Enrollment for 2024 Medicare Plans Ends December 7th and Brings New Savings for Seniors

Los Angeles, CA – Today, December 06, 2023, at 11 AM PT // 2 PM ET, Attorney General Rob Bonta and Long Beach Commission on Aging Chair Naida Tushnet will join Protect Our Care California to discuss Medicare open enrollment and to educate seniors about new benefits thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, legislation signed into law last year by President Biden. As seniors enroll in their 2024 Medicare plans, during the open enrollment period that ends December 7th, they could save thousands of dollars on their prescription drug costs, with even more savings down the road. New benefits for Medicare beneficiaries include Medicare negotiation for lower drug prices, a $35 monthly copay cap on insulin, free shingles and other essential vaccinations, and $2,000 out-of-pocket caps on prescription drugs beginning in 2025.

Right now, the Biden administration is in the process of lowering prices for the first round of high-cost prescription drugs under the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program, and those prices will take effect in 2026. The first ten drugs selected for negotiation are taken by nearly 9 million people on Medicare, who spent $3.4 billion in out-of-pocket costs last year alone. This new program will lower prices for some of the highest-priced prescription drugs on the market used to treat conditions like diabetes, heart failure, blood clots, and autoimmune disorders.


Attorney General Rob Bonta
Naida Tushnet, Chair, Long Beach Commission on Aging

WHAT: Virtual Press Conference

WHEN: Wednesday, December 06, 2023, at 11 AM PT // 2 PM ET

WHERE: Register for the Zoom here